Today's Teens. Tomorrow's Leaders.

For ten years, Torch Learning Programs, and the Torch Academy have been serving teens and adults through our “Hi-Ropes” teambuilding and Leadership programs. Our curiculum is based on life-skill learning programs, originally designed to prepare teens for college. It is a self discovery / experiential learning experience where the students learn through practice.


"Some beliefs keep us from success."

In everything from getting along with parents, coaches, brothers and sisters, to getting the grades in school

that we are capable of, and maybe even attaining the success in sports or other interests; what we believe is what we manifest.

Torch Learning Academy provides the programs where teen's time management, organizational, and especially communication skills,

are brought out and enhanced in a highly effective manner: by practice.



Teens will learn the value of time, and time management. They learn and understand how to be “on time” in

life and why it is important.



Teens learn that what one says matters! Whether positive or negative; both outwardly and what we say to ourselves matters.



We guide teens in understanding the value of being trusting and trustworthy while also creating trusting and trustworthy relationships.


Hello! I'm Steve Gironda!

Steve Gironda, born in New Rochelle NY and raised on the Jersey Shore. He is the founder of Torch Learning Programs a "Hi Ropes" Team Building, Leadership Development, and Training Company.

Growing up Steve was always involved in sports. He was a student athlete all the way to college. In college he recieved a B.S. in Hospitality Management and later worked for Marriott Hotels in the front of the house departments. 

It was at Marriott, where Steve learned much of his management and coaching skills. He combined that was years of being coached by all kinds of Coaches. Steve built his 17 year career in hotels and restaurants. Steve was also the corporate hospitality trainer for Treadway Inns Corporation, at the time Americas oldest hotel chain.

Steve is a powerful, extremely high energy coach, speaker, loyal friend and devoted father, with an ability to find the great in everyone he works with and have them see it too!

To learn more about his coaching style and his newly released book: Coaching with Affirmative Coaching Method. Click the button below


When I first came to the Torch Academy I wanted nothing to do with it. I sat there saying to myself wow, am I really going to be doing this for the whole weekend. Little did I know that just being there was the first step to changing my life drastically. That weekend was more then just three of the shortest days of my life, it helped shape me into the person I am to today and want to be tomorrow.

–Kyle Kiss, Former wrestler at Ocean Township Highschool now a student athlete at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


Torch Learning Academy

At Torch Learning Programs we are committed to serve our clients so that they have the tools necessary to declare and achieve the most important goals, their goals. Through compassion and a commitment to excellence, we stand for our client’s success in all areas of their lives.


We believe that teens can learn that they always have a choice in life (even when it doesn’t seem so) and how what they choose, will determine the life they lead.


We teach teens the power of setting specific goals, and then applying actions to have the goals become reality. Teens learn the power of being a contribution in the world, and how they make a difference one way, or another


We have been leading teens to success for 10 years. Our proven method changes not just attitude and outlook of life but also the way teens view their future. Our impact to teens lives is why we do this time and time again.


We lead through actions by living responsibly and taking ownership for the results we create, and for our lives. We take pride in seeing our clients happy and lead a successful life.

I’m not a Teen. Can I access a seminar?

You sure can. To learn more about our adult programs or team building experience. Click the button below.

Do you have a program for parents of teens?

Absolutely! We offer a parents effective coaching workshop!

When does the workshop take place?

We often conduct workshops during the weekend to accommodate work and school schedules.

Do you have private coaching?

Yes I do! Shoot me an email and we can discuss how I can help!

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